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If you have a passion for herding and working dogs, Marquis Cattle Dogs and Training is the ultimate destination for finding the perfect companion. With years of experience in breeding and training cattle dogs, we take pride in providing high-quality dogs that excel in their natural abilities.

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Why Marquis Cattle Dogs?

At Marquis Cattle Dogs, we understand the specific needs of cattle dog enthusiasts. Our mission is to match you with a canine partner that possesses not only the physical attributes necessary for herding, but also the intelligence, loyalty, and temperament required for successful training and working.

With a meticulous selection process, we breed and raise cattle dogs that showcase exceptional skills and traits. Our dogs come from well-established bloodlines, ensuring the preservation of desirable characteristics passed down through generations. We prioritize genetic health, temperament, and trainability in our breeding program, resulting in dogs that are not only beautiful but also excel at their work.

Our Selection of Cattle Dogs

Explore our wide range of cattle dogs and discover the perfect match for your needs. Whether you're a seasoned handler or a beginner in the world of herding, we have dogs suitable for a variety of skill levels and tasks.

1. Working Ability

Our cattle dogs are bred with an emphasis on working abilities. They possess the instinctive herding skills necessary to excel in various tasks, such as moving livestock, obedience trials, and agility competitions. Their intelligence, agility, and willingness to please make them adaptable to different working environments.

2. Temperament and Trainability

Temperament and trainability are crucial factors in a successful working partnership. Our dogs are known for their friendly, enthusiastic, and loyal nature. They bond deeply with their handlers, making them easy to train and ensuring a strong working relationship built on trust and mutual respect.

3. Health and Care

Ensuring the well-being of our dogs is of utmost importance to us. We prioritize the health and genetic soundness of our breeding stock, conducting regular health checks and screenings to minimize the risk of hereditary conditions. Our dogs receive proper veterinary care, a balanced diet, and extensive socialization to ensure they grow up happy and healthy.

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Your Trusted Partner in Canine Training

Marquis Cattle Dogs and Training offers more than just exceptional cattle dogs. We are your trusted partner in canine training, providing guidance and resources to help you bring out the full potential of your four-legged companion.

Whether you're a first-time cattle dog owner or an experienced handler, our team of trainers and experts will assist you in developing a solid foundation for training. From basic obedience to advanced herding techniques, our training programs are tailored to suit your individual needs and goals.

Get in Touch and Find Your Perfect Cattle Dog Today!

Ready to embark on a rewarding journey with a top-quality cattle dog by your side? Marquis Cattle Dogs and Training is here to help. Browse our website, explore our available dogs, and reach out to us for further inquiries or to schedule a visit. We look forward to connecting you with your ideal working companion!

Disclaimer: We do not condone or support any form of animal cruelty or misuse of our dogs. Our cattle dogs are bred and trained for herding purposes and should be handled responsibly and ethically only in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations governing the treatment of animals.


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