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Oct 7, 2023

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Welcome to Kol Parrots Aviary, your ultimate destination for all your parrot needs. We are proud to be one of the leading sources for pet services, offering a diverse selection of pets and pet breeders. If you are in search of your perfect feathered companion, look no further!

Why Choose Kol Parrots Aviary?

At Kol Parrots Aviary, we understand the unique bond between a pet and their owner. That's why we are committed to providing the highest quality parrots that are well-cared for and selectively bred to ensure their health and well-being.

Our dedicated team of bird enthusiasts and experts has created a comfortable and nurturing environment for all our parrots. We pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of parrot species, from the popular African Grey and Cockatoos to the stunning Macaws and Eclectus.

Wide Range of Parrots

When you shop at Kol Parrots Aviary, you'll have access to an incredible selection of parrots. Our inventory includes parrots of various sizes, colors, and personalities, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and preferences.

Each parrot in our collection is carefully handpicked and monitored for their health and behavior. We work closely with our experienced pet breeders to ensure that every parrot is well-socialized, properly trained, and ready to become a loving addition to your family.

African Grey Parrots

African Grey Parrots are known for their incredible intelligence and exceptional talking abilities. These highly sought-after parrots have a charming personality and a remarkable ability to mimic human speech and sounds.

At Kol Parrots Aviary, we offer a variety of African Grey Parrot subspecies, including the Congo African Grey and the Timneh African Grey. Each parrot is hand-raised and receives the utmost care and attention, making them excellent companions for individuals or families.


Cockatoos are prized for their enchanting beauty and playful nature. These affectionate parrots form strong bonds with their owners and enjoy interacting and entertaining with their charming antics. At Kol Parrots Aviary, you'll find an exquisite selection of Cockatoos, including the Moluccan Cockatoo, Umbrella Cockatoo, and the Rose-breasted Cockatoo.

Our Cockatoos are raised in a loving environment, ensuring that they develop the social skills and trusting nature they are known for. With their vibrant plumage and joyful personalities, Cockatoos make a delightful addition to any home.


Macaws are famous for their stunning beauty and charismatic personalities. At Kol Parrots Aviary, we offer an exceptional range of Macaws, including the blue and gold Macaw, green-winged Macaw, and scarlet Macaw.

Our Macaws are bred with great care and attention to preserve their natural beauty and vibrant colors. They receive high-quality nutrition, ample socialization, and environmental enrichment to ensure their overall well-being.

Eclectus Parrots

Eclectus Parrots are known for their strikingly vibrant plumage, with males displaying bright green feathers and females showcasing a stunning red and purple combination.

At Kol Parrots Aviary, we have a wide range of Eclectus Parrots available for sale, including the Solomon Island Eclectus and the Vosmaeri Eclectus. Our Eclectus Parrots are hand-raised, allowing them to develop their natural intelligence and friendly nature from a young age.

Pet Services and Expert Guidance

At Kol Parrots Aviary, we don't just provide high-quality parrots; we also offer comprehensive pet services to ensure that both you and your feathered friend have everything you need for a fulfilling life together.

Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to provide expert guidance and answer any questions you may have about parrot care, feeding, training, and more. We understand the unique needs of each parrot species and are dedicated to ensuring their health, happiness, and well-being.

Parrot Supplies

To cater to all your parrot care needs, we offer a wide range of parrot supplies, including nutritionally-balanced bird food, comfortable housing, toys, accessories, and more. We only offer products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Whether you need a spacious cage, nutritious pellets, or interactive toys to keep your parrot entertained, you'll find it all at Kol Parrots Aviary. Our friendly staff can guide you in choosing the right products tailored to your parrot's specific requirements.

Parrot Training and Behavior Tips

Our team of experienced trainers can assist you in training your parrot to enhance their social skills, teach them tricks, and establish a strong bond. We provide valuable tips and techniques to ensure your parrot's well-being and help you create an enriching environment.

Understanding your parrot's behavior and body language is crucial for building a harmonious relationship. Our experts will guide you in interpreting their needs and desires, ensuring that you provide them with a nurturing and stimulating environment.


When it comes to finding the perfect parrot, the search ends here at Kol Parrots Aviary. We have established ourselves as a top-tier provider of pet services, offering an extensive range of carefully-selected parrots and expert guidance to ensure their well-being.

With our focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and holistic care, Kol Parrots Aviary is your one-stop shop for all your parrot needs. Shop parrots at Kol Parrots Aviary today and embark on a wonderful journey with your new feathered friend!

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