The Ultimate Guide to Aquariums in Surrey

Jan 28, 2024


Welcome to Broadley Aquatics, your leading provider of exceptional pet services in Surrey. Our expertise lies in creating and maintaining breathtaking aquariums that bring joy to pet owners and enthusiasts alike. With our dedication to quality and commitment to customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as the go-to destination for aquarium solutions in the region.

Aquarium Surrey: Creating Beautiful Underwater Worlds

If you're passionate about aquatic pets and dream of having a stunning aquarium in your home or office, Broadley Aquatics is here to make that dream a reality. Our team of skilled professionals combines creativity and technical expertise to design and build aquariums that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space but also provide a thriving habitat for your fish and aquatic life.

Our aquariums are custom-crafted to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you desire a small, elegant aquarium to beautify your living room or a large, statement piece for a commercial space, we have the experience and tools to deliver outstanding results.

Pet Services: Going Beyond Aquariums

At Broadley Aquatics, our dedication to providing comprehensive pet services extends far beyond aquarium design and installation. We are proud to offer professional pet grooming services to ensure your aquatic pets always look their best. Our expert groomers are skilled in handling a variety of fish and other aquatic inhabitants, providing them with the care they need to thrive.

Additionally, our team is well-versed in various aspects of pet care, from feeding and water quality management to disease prevention and routine maintenance. We are committed to educating our customers on the best practices for aquarium care, empowering them to enjoy their aquatic pets to the fullest.

Pet Groomers: Ensuring Healthy and Happy Aquatic Pets

When it comes to pet grooming, we understand the unique needs of aquatic pets. Our specialized grooming techniques are designed to keep your fish and other aquatic inhabitants healthy, as well as enhance their natural beauty. From cleaning and conditioning to fin trimming and parasite prevention, our skilled pet groomers provide gentle and professional care that ensures the well-being of your aquatic pets.

At Broadley Aquatics, we prioritize the comfort and safety of your pets during the grooming process. Our team is experienced in handling a variety of species, ensuring that each pet receives the individual attention and care they deserve.

Pets: A World of Aquatic Possibilities

Aquariums open the door to a captivating underwater world, filled with a diverse range of aquatic pets. From colorful tropical fish and graceful marine invertebrates to mesmerizing corals and unique aquatic plants, the possibilities for your aquarium are endless.

Our team at Broadley Aquatics is well-versed in the intricate requirements of different aquatic species, enabling us to provide tailored solutions for your pet needs. We offer expert advice on pet selection, compatibility, and overall aquarium management, making it easier for you to create a harmonious and thriving underwater ecosystem.


Broadley Aquatics is the premier destination for aquarium solutions, pet grooming, and professional pet services in Surrey. With our exceptional attention to detail, unmatched expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to bring your aquatic dreams to life. Contact us today to embark on your journey to a stunning aquarium and happy aquatic pets!