Pomsky Puppies for Sale

Dec 8, 2023

About Celtic Star Kennels

Welcome to Celtic Star Kennels, your premier destination for top-quality Pomsky puppies. As a reputable breeder, we pride ourselves in producing healthy and well-socialized Pomskies that make wonderful family pets. Our dedication to responsible breeding practices sets us apart in the industry, ensuring that our puppies are raised with love and care from the moment they are born.

Why Choose Us for Pomsky Puppies?

There are several reasons why Celtic Star Kennels should be your first choice when searching for Pomsky puppies:

1. Excellent Breeding Program

At Celtic Star Kennels, we have established an excellent breeding program that focuses on producing Pomskies with the desired characteristics and temperament. Our experienced breeders carefully select parent dogs with exceptional qualities, ensuring that the offspring inherit the best traits from both the Pomeranian and Siberian Husky breeds. This results in Pomskies that are not only adorable but also healthy and well-balanced.

2. Health and Wellness

We prioritize the health and wellness of our Pomsky puppies. Before they are ready to leave our kennels, all our puppies undergo a comprehensive health check performed by a licensed veterinarian. Additionally, we ensure that our parent dogs undergo genetic testing to minimize the risk of hereditary health issues. When you choose Celtic Star Kennels, you can rest assured that your new furry friend will be a picture of good health.

3. Well-Socialized Puppies

Our Pomsky puppies are not only adorable but also well-socialized. From an early age, we expose them to various stimuli, experiences, and interactions to promote their social skills. We believe that early socialization plays a crucial role in shaping a dog's behavior and personality. Our puppies are raised in a nurturing environment, surrounded by our dedicated team who shower them with love and attention.

4. Comprehensive Care and Support

When you adopt a Pomsky from Celtic Star Kennels, our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the day of adoption. We provide comprehensive care and support, assisting you in every step of your journey as a pet owner. From guidance on puppy care to invaluable training resources, we are here to ensure that you and your new companion start your lives together on the right paw.

Finding Your Perfect Pomsky

At Celtic Star Kennels, we understand that finding the perfect Pomsky puppy is a big decision. We offer an extensive selection of Pomsky puppies in various colors, sizes, and coat patterns. Our experienced staff is more than happy to assist you in finding a puppy that matches your preferences and lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a playful and energetic companion or a more laid-back and cuddly friend, we have the perfect Pomsky waiting for you.

Contact Us

Are you ready to welcome a Pomsky puppy into your home? Visit our website celticstarkennels.com to browse our available Pomskies and learn more about our breeding program. You can also reach out to us via email at [email protected] or give us a call at (555) 123-4567. Our friendly team is excited to help you find your new furry family member.

pomsky puppies for sale